Vote Linda Curtis for sheriff in November 2016

Vote Linda J. Curtis for Towns County Sheriff in November 2016

20+ years law enforcement/public & private protection
Vote for tomorrow. Elect leadership. Elect Linda Curtis -- the people's choice!

*As an independent candidate, Ms. Curtis will not be on the ballot until November. Please cast your vote for Linda Curtis at that time.

Linda Curtis

A message from Linda Curtis

I want to thank you for visiting my website and a huge” thanks” to the overwhelming support I have received. This is truly a blessing and tells me how important our local sheriff’s office is to this community. Do I think it’s time for a change? Yes, I think we can all agree on that. It’s time to take the Towns County Sheriff’s Office to the next level of professionalism. As you learn more about me, you will become confident in my ability to get issues addressed and build a law enforcement agency based on experience, leadership, and community involvement. Read more...

Linda Curtis on patrol

Why should you vote for me?

I can honestly say I entered a profession I truly loved and respected. During the years I spent as a police officer, I have shown a history and pattern of serving my community with pride and dedication. One does not boast about having honor and integrity, but it's a characteristic that should be displayed day in and day out, no matter how difficult and dangerous this job can be at times. Read more...

Linda Curtis in uniform

What can you expect from me if elected?

A sheriff that believes in “fair hiring practices”
A sheriff that believes in “fair promotional processes”
A sheriff that will kick the “good old boy” system to the curb for good (YES… I said it!!!)
A sheriff intolerant of internal corruption and embarrassment
A sheriff that has an open door policy to both the community and employees
A sheriff that will include the citizens of this county in decisions that affect us as a community
A sheriff that will hold myself to a higher standard, and require that those who swear themselves to work alongside of me do the same, regardless of our circumstances. Read more...



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"People won’t remember the things you say, or even the things you do, but they’ll never forget the way you made them feel. Be kind to one another."



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